About Us

Combining natural materials with craftsmanship, our mission is to provide your home with the type of atmosphere that inspires a family get-together, a book by the fire, and an overall sense of warmth and appreciation for the beauty of nature.  Our wood and clay decorative furnishings encompass the four elements of life: fire, earth, air, and water; to bring a sense of revival and coziness into any living space. 
Our products are a culmination of years of experience in carpentry, and a love for woodworking. We approach each piece of furniture individually, letting nature dictate the shape and design. Each wooden piece is carefully selected for a particular item and shaped by our carpenters. The play of colors and patterns on the wood’s surface give our products a magic touch that makes them truly unique. In order to maintain the integrity and longevity of our products, we coat the wood with safe and environmentally-friendly oils. All our products are handmade and the wood is grown and harvested exclusively in Slovenia. The details made of clay are hand-manufactured from finely purified clay. The clay is first baked in a cilt oven; and then painted and glazed, depending on structural and design requirements of the final product.
 We want to help you set up your cosy place where you can relax, while the rest of the world is busy running around outside. We want you to take a break, you deserve it!

* * * 

Our story goes back to the nineties, when I made the first toy for my children- a rocking horse.

It is still in excellent condition, and fully-functioning today. The kids loved it, so I made more wooden toys, small cars and trucks. What was then a hobby has transformed into a business; however the mission has remained the same - to make natural products that are practical, unique, and have a positive purpose.
Our affinity for nature and the desire to satisfy our customers,  encourages us to transfer our life values to the world of entrepreneuring; to be fair, transparent, and respectful to all our business partners. This ideology, together with original and high-quality products for home, is what we want to be recognised for in Slovenia and abroad.